Myanmar Travels

It Always makes sense

R e p r e s e n t i n g  A S E A N  w i t h  t h e   e n t i r e   A S I A  a n d  t h r o u g h o u t  A L L  T H E  W O R L D  C O N T I N E N T S

Myanmar is the largest land of South East Asia; closely nestled in Asia, bound of inland. and the continent of Asia.

First impression of Myanmar is "Exotic" which is the painting of natural scented tree-barks wore on the face of everyone, tied longyis are wrapped around the waists of all people: men, women and children, the monks' crimson robes are flying atop old buses, pagoda silhouettes littering the landscape, constant sound of lively chatter and laughter, unlike else anywhere. Myanmar people have unhurried graciousness at all matters. We all smile at strangers, in extending out friendliness always instant and ever ready to help in national own home-grown gentle manner, go out of way to help all travelers.

When it comes to Buddha, Myanmar People believe the bigger the better, and  at almost all places: the sense of scared are spiritual and of soul images are filled, with proof of odds since the natural births of everything; everyone.

Just do not feel weir if you'll see a cheap-looking plastered with some effeminate touches of art, even at any statue of buddha such as curled lashes, red lips and pink toenails like painted face with cosmetic make-up usually used at commercial fashion trends. Those some are cultural or religious paintings of some people who love the way of life in poor, prefers natural environment, they are just as honest as most decent which is the way of living of they are. 

This is just a brief: the lovely culture in a land of Asia. More will soon "here we come" with so much fun.


Singapore is the gateway of South East Asia where we always start peaceful economic eras, of our earth. By connecting through Malaysia, it can easily reach to Mainland Asia; closely enough to ASEAN The Family of South East Asia: The Sweetest One of Our Lands.  


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